Springer Science+Business Media
We are very proud to have worked in close collaboration with Springer Science+Business Media ( for  6 years. They are a company whose professionalism and decency is outstanding. In 2012 Tom Spicer, co-owner of Canopus Academic Publishing moved to work full time for Springer as Senior Editor in Physical Sciences for Springer, while Robin took on a consultancy for Springer to develop their UK astronomy programme.

Other clients

The Sunday Times Canopus produced 2 sets of educational CDs – Window on the Universe, and Window on Life for the Sunday Times to cover mount on the magazine. 4 million were pressed. This work was in collaboration with the DTI and British National Space Centre.

John Hopkins University Press former Editor in Chief  Dr Trevor Lipscombe bought the US rights to publish Nucleus, Bang! and Dark Side of the Universe. The three books are now Hopkins’ top three selling science titles.

Institute of Physics Robin ran the Philadelphia office of Institute of Physics 1995-98, and then Canopus produced around 20 titles for the Institute as a contracted packager.

Nature Publishing Group In 2000 Canopus produced their definitive astronomy reference work in 4 volumes, the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, edited by Prof Paul Murdin.

Carlton Publishing Group Carlton published the bestseller Bang! and the same team of Brian May, Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott, with Robin Rees, completed the next bestseller for Carlton – The Cosmic Tourist, which was published on 8 October 2012. Bang! has now been published in 15 languages.

Frances Lincoln Publishers published our production with Brian May and Elena Vidal – A Village Lost and Found, in Autumn 2009, and it has reprinted many times. The author talks and signings and media interest in this book were unprecedented. In 2012 London Stereoscopic Company bought the rights and stock of A Village Lost and Found after Frances Lincoln was sold.

George Phillips Robin worked with Patrick Moore, on the different editions of his perennially popular Atlas of the Universe.

National Physical Laboratory Canopus produced a book to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and subsequently worked with NPL author Dr Markys Cain on a new physics monograph.

Sir Patrick and assistant Elaine, signing at Astrofest 2009.

Sir Patrick and assistant Elaine, signing at Astrofest 2009.


Sir Patrick Moore, FRS.

Sir Patrick Moore a lifelong inspiration to all astronomers.
Robin has published Patrick for more than 20 years, and worked for 5 years with Patrick on a new edition of Patrick’s magnum opus, the Data Book of Astronomy, published by Cambridge University Press in February 2010. Our final collaboration, with Brian May and Chris Lintott,  was on The Cosmic Tourist, which was published in November 2012 shortly before Patrick’s death.

Patrick\’s cat scuppers final proofreading session for Databook of Astronomy. Left to right: Robin, Jeannie, Patrick.

Chris Lintott, Brian May, and Patrick Moore signing Bang! in Devon.

Brian May ( Queen’ s guitarist,  astrophysicist, and lead author of  our bestselling production Bang! The Complete History of the Universe (with Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. Canopus subsequently produced Brian’s thesis: A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud for Springer, and later, towards the end of 2009, the hugely successful A Village Lost and Found. The last collaboration with Patrick, The Cosmic Tourist, was published shortly before Patrick’s death in December 2012. Also in 2012 Brian’s reborn London Stereoscopic Company started publishing under its own imprint with Robin as publisher. In 2014 we published Diableriesin 2015 A Poor Man’s Picture Gallery, and in 2016 Crinoline.

James Symonds is one the world’s leading technical artists, and has created artwork for every Canopus project. He is the grand master of InDesign and Photoshop, and lives at he cutting edge of computer applications and stereo photography. View one of his timelapse masterpieces at

London Stereoscopic Company We started by producing A Village Lost and Found, then Diableries, followed by Poor Man’s Picture Gallery in collaboration with Tate Britain. Now a thriving independent publishing company with an ambitious front list.

Phil Murray (web designer to the stars!)

Peter Wise (proofing and copying)

Bill Hemsley (editorial)

Andrew Manson (multimedia and film director) Periscope Projects and Talking Jobs

Short Run Press, Exeter SRP printed the London Stereoscopic Company’s latest fine art title Poor Man’s Picture Gallery on their incredible new Komori colour Press.

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Robin works as European publishing consultant to the team in Reston Virginia, commissioning monographs, textbooks, and more general titles in aerospace sciences.