About Canopus Books (Twitter)

Founded by Robin Rees in 1999, Canopus is an independent book production company with a reputation for publishing high-quality popular science titles. All time bestseller is Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, by Brian May, Sir Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott, which has sold over 180,000 copies. See also our dedicated website www.BangUniverse.com. Canopus produced Brian May’s first venture into Victorian Stereo Photography: A Village Lost and Found, and Robin coedited Patrick Moore’s magnum opus Data Book of Astronomy.

In 2013 we¬†started producing books for Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company as a fully formed independent publishing company. The first book: Diableries has become something of a cult title, with wonderful reviews and sales continuing through 2016 including a French edition.

Diableries was followed by a collaboration with Tate Britain: A Poor Man’s Picture Gallery (Denis Pellerin and Brian May) was published in Autumn 2014 to coincide with a major exhibition at Tate Britain with the same name.

In 2014 we published Starmus: 50 Years of Man in Space the lectures and presentations from a unique meeting on Tenerife held in 2011 which brought together astronauts, cosmonauts, astrophysicists and biologists, and rock musicians, to celebrate 50 years since Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight. Neil Armstrong’s contribution to this meeting was his last “chapter” before his death in 2012, and its inclusion in our book is very moving. Professor Stephen Hawking honoured us with a thought provoking Preface, and was the distinguished guest at the 2014 meeting of Starmus. The entire 2016 meeting on Tenerife was dedicated to Stephen Hawking, and included presentations by more than a dozen nobel prizewinning scientists.

In 2016 we published Crinoline by Denis Pellerin and Brian May and in 2017 we will launch Queen in 3D, a collection of Brian’s stereo photographs covering the whole Queen era to date, and including the first stereos Brian ever made when he was a boy. Details will be available soon.