Group Theoretical Methods in Physics 2006

GP26 prelims

Proceedings of the XXVI International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics (Group 26), held in New York, USA, 26 – 30 June 2006

Edited by Joseph L Birman, Sultan Catto and Bogdan Nicolescu

Founded in 1961, the Graduate Center is the doctorate-granting institution
of the City University of New York (CUNY). The Graduate Center is
a nationally unique consortium consisting of a core faculty of 125
Graduate Center appointments, supplemented by over 1600 additional faculty
members drawn from throughout CUNY’s eleven senior colleges and
New York City’s leading cultural and scientific institutions. The Graduate
Center houses twenty-nine interdisciplinary research centers and institutes,
enrolls 4000 students and has an alumni base of 9600. It is located in
Midtown Manhattan, in a nine-story landmark, formerly the B. Altman
department store, diagonally opposite the Empire State Building.
This book is a collection of all the papers contributed by participants of
Group 26. There were 140 participants attending from various corners of
the world. The meeting covered some 22 topics, and was divided into 3
sessions running simultaneously over a period of 5 days.
As it has been the tradition for the last few Colloquia, the Wigner Medal
and the Herman Weyl Prize were awarded during the conference. The
Wigner Medal was presented to Professor Susumu Okubo, with the
Laudatio written by the Chair of the 2006 Wigner Prize Committee
Professor Kazuhiko Nishijima and Professor Catto, and was delivered by
Professor Sultan Catto. A second special session was devoted to the presentation
of the Weyl Prize to Professor Bojko Bakalov with the Laudatio
delivered by Professor Jean-Pierre Gazeau.
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Edited by:

Joseph L Birman, Sultan Catto and Bogdan Nicolescu

Edited by Joseph L. Birman, Sultan Catto and Bogdan Nicolescu